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Cloud File Sharing Service

iCloudscape.  A secure and innovative solution to manage and share your files online.  Have quick and secure access to your files no matter where you are.  Share files as a link or Sync files on your desktop or mobile devices and have access to your files anytime.  It’s cloud file sharing for the busy executive.   Specifically designed and secured for our Healthcare Clients, we have one of the most secure and robust cloud file sharing systems available today.  Tired of sending emails with attachments that won’t go through because they’re too large?  Tired of creating user accounts on an outdated FTP server and explaining to clients how to access it?  How about a backup of all your important documents too?

Why use iCloudscape by Blue Water Networks?

•    Sync Files on your Desktop and Mobile Devices
•    Share Large Files Securely at the click of your mouse.
•    Replace FTP servers with easy to access web interfaces to share documents
•    Files are encrypted while in transit and while at rest on our cloud servers
•    SAS 70, ISO 9001 and HIPAA Compliant Solution

If you are currently using a “free” file syncing service, you need to investigate to see if in fact your files are secure.  One of the best ways to test the resolve of the organization is to as for a BA agreement.  A Business Associate agreement will be rejected by any company that does not have 100% confidence in their security infrastructure.

One of the most important things that any user must do is have frequent, reliable backups. That is why Blue Water Networks created iCloudscape to ensure that our customers have quick and secure access to their files as well as revision history of frequently edited files and retention of deleted files for up to 1 year or more!   Contact Blue Water Networks to discuss competitive pricing options for your office today.