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Cloud Spam & Virus Firwall Service
Blue Water Networks has answered the call from many of our clients to assist in an “ultimate” spam prevention system.  Spam never sleeps! Fighting an ever-changing attack of unwanted message and email virus threats is costly and takes continued IT time. Unlike spam filtering software and appliances that operate inside your network, our Spam Firewall Service is a preemptive approach to stopping spam. Spam filters reside between the Internet and your network to stop spam and viruses before they reach your network, consume your bandwidth or monopolize your IT staff.  No additional hardware or software configuration is required.  Your email is quickly routed through our Data Center for filtering.

Blue Water Networks Spam Firewall Services utilizes 11 layers of technology to stop spam and email borne viruses before they reach your network.

Technology includes:

Blacklisting to maintain up-to-date lists of large known spammers, compiled from anti-spam databases and groups. This is a living list that grows daily and is automatically updated automatically for each customer.

Keyword scanning methods include scoring systems for emails based on multiple criteria. If the email score exceeds defined thresholds, it is flagged as spam. We constantly monitor and update our keywords’ master library so you don’t have to.

Checksum technology tracks the number of times a particular message has appeared. If the message frequency exceeds threshold, it is blocked as spam.

Message authenticity check uses multiple algorithms to verify authenticity of a message. Some are simple checks such as “from address,” and others are more complex, relating to SMTP protocol.

Blacklists / Whitelists include Domains, IP’s, and email addresses that the customer wants Blacklisted (blocked) or Whitelisted (allowed through). Lists are maintained per user and per domain.

Rate controls are used to stop denial of service attacks as well as other service attacks.

Anti-virus technology includes:

Double Anti-virus protection is a built-in feature of the Blue Water Networks Spam Firewall. Updates are posted hourly to ensure the latest virus definitions are in place.

File type attachment blocking stops known malicious file types, such as VB script, from entering your network through emails. Attachments are also scanned using the built-in anti-virus protection.