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Cloud Email & Web Hosting

In researching web hosting, now called “hosting in the cloud”, it seems that there are so many providers, mega hosting companies, and the ever popular mega registrars that not only register  your domain but will sell you almost anything under the sun.  Not only that, but, their models seem quite easy on the eyes as well.

BUT, what does all that mean for you and your business?   Cheap hosting, right?  But, what can or does it cost you, when their “mega” servers are infiltrated with virus and hacked by spammers?   You got it, downtime.  Downtime equates to unrecoverable lost business and potentially expensive hourly rates from your web developer, or your own time in re-creating or restoring your website.

Blue Water Networks provides a safe and secure environment for all types of corporate services such as traditional web hosting, corporate email, barracuda spam filtering, e-commerce websites, merchant accounts and gateways and many more services.    We personally know everyone who utilizes our in-house owned, operated and maintained private cloud infrastructure and can engineer just about any type of environment safely and securely for your needs.