Business Broker Management Systems

Blue Water Networks has developed some of the most advanced custom listings systems for business brokers around the country.  With over a decade of direct in-house experience designing, building and even copy writing and trademarking one of our business for sale marketing sites, BuyaBiz.com, we have the tools you need to succeed.   With direct experience in the business broker field, we have developed multi-national listings management systems for some of the most successful brokers in recent years.  Owning the facilities that these same cloud based systems operate on, we have been able to flex in order to help our clients succeed, even in poor economic times.

Many business brokers get tangled in sales pitches from otherwise inexperienced application design groups that don’t fully understand the intricacies of business brokerage needs including capabilities to properly secure and store client’s confidential information, tax records, financial information and other sensitive data so that only the appropriate individuals have access.  Yet, provide direct single point entry of listings information which can seamlessly stream out to dozens of listings sites, thus, streamlining the listings coordinator’s time and costs to your operation.   Contact us today to discover the amazing advances we’ve made in the broker listings management and marketing areas which can help your organization reach new levels of success quickly and less costly than you think.