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Datacenter Colocation

Blue Water Networks, partnered with Switch, in Las Vegas Nevada provides cloud and colocation services to its clients based on their needs.  Located in the “safe zone” of the United States, our geographical location lends itself to one of the best locations on the planet to build your own private infrastructure and host it in one of the most advanced, secure, and largest data centers in the world.

Colocation reliability met by no one else:

Uptime average of 100% (that’s right, 100%, not 98 or 99, but 100%)

Proven expertise and visionary skills in configuring and supporting the highest density deployments in the world

Direct access to over 96 different voice, Internet and cloud providers IN-HOUSE

Partner with Blue Water Networks to get in on the ground floor at an economical price.   Alternatively, we can assist with your needs, consult and arrange for a relationship for a larger deployment at Switch directly.  Call us today and get ready to be amazed!