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Cloud Backup Service
Whether your data is financial records, customer files, email, or business records, your data has tremendous value. Losing your data is not an inconvenience, it’s a disaster. The good news is that now you have the option to protect your critical data in an affordable and easy to use way.
iCloudscape is the online remote data backup company that delivers personally-tailored, secure data protection solutions primarily to small and medium sized businesses.

Why remote data backup with iCloudscape by Blue Water Networks?

•    9 out of 10 businesses that lose their data go out of business
•    2000 laptops are lost or stolen every day
•    100% of all hard drives eventually fail
•    Every 15 Seconds a hard drive crashes
•    73% of small business have no business continuity plan

"What if the next time you go to turn on your computer all your data and programs are GONE? Our remote data backup solution protects you for only 50 cents per day!"

One of the most important things that any user must do is have frequent, reliable backups. That is why Blue Water Networks, Inc. created iCloudscape to ensure that our customers have up-to-date and reliable backups.  Blue Water Networks offers a unique range of solutions that can provide both on-line remote backup and local backup and storage devices.